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uri title created modified published language translation_of_uri mps_code serial_title description type_uri isbn prod_id
<> "Annual population density change (%) per massif for the time periods 1990\u20132000 and 2000\u20132005"@en "2010-12-09T13:14:12Z"^^<> "2012-11-29T10:41:50Z"^^<> "2010-12-09T13:18:33Z"^^<> "en" "" "2010"@en "" "-"@en <> "" "2W0OZATYYX"
<> "Direct and indirect global pressures caused by private consumption distributed by consumption (COICOP) category in nine EU countries, 2005"@en "2011-01-12T15:15:54Z"^^<> "2017-08-25T23:13:17Z"^^<> "2011-01-12T15:15:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2010 1.2.3"@en "" "This figure identifies the distribution of total global pressures caused by household consumption in 9 EU countries distributed among 12 COICOP consumption categories.\u000d\nThe pressures caused by household consumption categories include both direct and indirect pressures.\u000d\nDirect pressures are those released during consumption of goods and services i.e. emissions to air from cars and from burning fuels in households for heating, cooking etc. Indirect pressures caused by consumption comprise all pressures released along the production chains of consumed goods. Includes goods produced domestically and imported goods.\u000d\n4 environmental pressures are included \u2013 greenhouse gas emissions; acidification emissions; tropospheric ozone precursors and material consumption."@en <> "" "4AS0EG824B"
<> "Nationally designated areas (CDDA), site boundaries - status 2012"@en "2013-03-07T13:10:57Z"^^<> "2015-09-11T10:46:33Z"^^<> "2013-03-07T13:42:42Z"^^<> "en" "" "2013 1.2.1"@en "" "The map is intended to show the distribution of site boundaries reported for nationally designated areas"@en <> "" "8N7ZCT8TU9"
<> "Percentage of the EU urban population exposed to ozone concentrations over the target value threshold set for protection of human health, 2002\u20132011"@en "2013-10-02T06:58:07Z"^^<> "2013-11-05T14:46:12Z"^^<> "2013-11-05T14:46:13Z"^^<> "en" "" "2013 1.0.2"@en "" "The O3 monitoring data in AirBase provide the basis\u000d\nfor estimating the urban exposure of the European\u000d\npopulation to exceedances of the EU's O3 target\u000d\nvalue (applicable from 2010) for the protection of\u000d\nhuman health, for the period 2002\u20132011."@en <> "" "GTCHWU65SV"
<> "Annual mean concentrations of heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead and nickel), 2011"@en "2013-10-03T13:15:40Z"^^<> "2013-11-05T15:19:59Z"^^<> "2013-11-05T15:19:59Z"^^<> "en" "" "2013 1.0.2"@en "" "The four maps shows the annual mean concentrations of arsenic, cadmium, lead and nickel in the year 2011"@en <> "" "0TC8DR4QBO"
<> "Overlap between wilderness areas and protected areas under IUCN categories I and II"@en "2012-10-10T07:23:07Z"^^<> "2015-01-23T14:58:01Z"^^<> "2012-10-22T07:45:58Z"^^<> "en" "" "2012 1.2.2"@en "" "In terms of overall number, Estonia, Norway, Slovakia and Sweden have the most protected areas classified\u000d\nas Category Ia and Ib, and Category II. Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia and Slovenia have the highest number\u000d\nof protected areas under Category III, but not all countries classify protected areas under this category.\u000d\nThe United Kingdom is the only country within the 39 EEA member and collaborating countries that has no\u000d\nprotected areas in categories I, II or III. No data available for Ireland."@en <> "" "PR49BVXAZN"
<> "Land cover by category in the Western Balkans, 2000"@en "2010-05-31T10:58:02Z"^^<> "2017-02-23T14:02:16Z"^^<> "2010-05-31T13:10:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2010 0.0.0"@en "" "Land cover by category in the\u000d\nWestern Balkans, 2000"@en <> "" "74439G2IIQ"
<> "Population growth and decline in the Western Balkans, 1995\u20132005 and projections for 2050"@en "2010-06-01T09:49:34Z"^^<> "2017-02-23T13:58:40Z"^^<> "2010-06-01T12:05:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2010 0.0.0"@en "" "Population growth and decline in\u000d\nthe Western Balkans, 1995\u20132005\u000d\nand projections for 2050"@en <> "" "6CNJ7C8TTX"
<> "Growth in the number of passenger cars in the Western Balkans, 2000\u20132007"@en "2010-06-07T07:27:55Z"^^<> "2017-02-23T13:43:28Z"^^<> "2010-06-07T09:45:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2010 0.0.0"@en "" "Growth in the number of\u000d\npassenger cars in the Western\u000d\nBalkans, 2000\u20132007"@en <> "" "ZG00FIG6QY"
<> "Nationally designated areas (CDDA), 2009 - site boundaries"@en "2010-01-15T08:40:39Z"^^<> "2015-09-11T10:46:30Z"^^<> "2010-01-15T10:37:41Z"^^<> "en" "" "2010"@en "" "The map is intended to show the distribution of site boundaries reported for nationally designated areas"@en <> "" "8N7ZCT8TU9"

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