Coordinating and advancing human biomonitoring in Europe to provide evidence for chemical policymaking.

Aims and objectives

Human biomonitoring for Europe (HBM4EU) was a joint initiative of 28 participating countries – the 24 EU member states plus Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Israel – and the European Environment Agency. The project received EUR 74 milion in funding under Horizon 2020 (European Commission) and was jointly implemented by 120 partners from the participating countries. Its aim was to measure Europeans’ exposure to chemicals and their health effects and develop human biomonitoring (HBM) as an exposure assessment method. 

Its follow-up project “Partnership for the Assessment of Risks in Chemicals (PARC)” takes the HBM4EU work forward by strengthening the scientific basis for chemical risk assessment and facilitating the EU’s transition to next generation evidence-based risk assessment.  

Background information

Grant Agreement ID

Grant Agreement No 101057014

Funding source

Horizon Europe research and innovation programme


01/05/2022 - 30/04/2029

Total cost

EUR 400 milion

EEA budget

EUR 4.24 milion


Joana Lobo Vicente

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