EEA/COM/21/001 - Library supplies and services to the European Environment Agency (EEA)

Negotiated Procedure Published 10 Mar 2021
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The EEA wishes to conclude contracts with service provider(s) to secure its supply of various printed and electronic literature resources, datasets and resource discovery solution. The service provider(s) will be required to play the role of intermediary with key publishers and editors; to manage EEA subscriptions to newspapers, periodicals, scientific and academic databases and resource discovery solution; and to offer a service/platform to purchase books, e-books and/or articles. The library is not open to the general public and is thus meant for internal use by experts in-house. The scope of requested publications ranges from environmental sciences to organisational topics or general interest titles. 

The EEA seeks service provider(s) for the following services.

  • Lot 1: Subscription management services and e-resources access
  • Lot 2: Acquisition platform for books and e-books and related services


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