EEA/RNC/03/001 - Miscellaneous services

Call For Tender expired Published 18 Mar 2003

Call for tender: EEA/RNC/03/001

DK-Copenhagen: miscellaneous services
2003/S 54-046421

1. Awarding authority:

European Environment Agency
Hans Vos
Kongens Nytorv 6
DK-1050 Copenhagen K

Telephone 0045 33 36 72 02
Fax 0045 33 36 72 93

2. Category of service and description, CPC reference number, quantity, options:

Service category: 27. 93000000. Name given to contract: Executing an inventory of economic instruments in EEA countries.
Reference number attributed: EEA/RNC/03/001.
Description of contract: Drawing up an inventory of economic instruments for environmental policy and natural resources management in selected EEA countries.

EEA and OECD are establishing a database for economic instruments for environmental policy and natural resources management in EEA and OECD member countries. Although much information is already available, there are gaps that will be filled in this project.

The consultant who will be awarded the contract will have to execute an inventory of economic instruments for the countries specified under task 2.

The following tasks are foreseen:

Task 1: Familiarize with existing information and its structure.

The database is written in MS Access97 and specifies the exact details of the economic instruments that should be found.

Task 2: Contact relevant networks and retrieve the requested information:

A network of experts in the various countries is currently under development. The consultant should contact them and identify additional information on the instruments either or not already in the database. EEA will provide the coordinates of this network and inform the network about this project.

The consultant must however also exploit his own networks to collect additional data necessary to achieve a satisfactory level of information in the database.

Information will need to be collected for the following types of economic instruments:

1. Environmentally motivated subsidies
2. Trading permits systems
3. Deposit-refund systems
4. Voluntary approaches
5. Environmental taxes and charges

The use of these instruments in environmental policy at national, provincial and local level (aimed at the quality of air and climate, water, waste, soil, and at products) as well as in natural resources management (wetlands, forestry, fishery, nature conservation areas, resources such as water and minerals, natural species and wildlife) will need to be included. Also instruments managed outside the public sector, but decided on in cooperation with the public sector must be included as well.

The inventory will be made for the following countries: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, TFYR of Macedonia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovenia and the Federation of Serbia and Montenegro.

Task 3: Uploading the collected information in the database

After proper quality checking the collected information will be put in the MS Access97 database. Files for the relevant countries will be provided by EEA, and returned to EEA after completion.

Total quantity or extent: The winning contractor will be awarded a contract for one year which may be renewed twice each for the period of one year (total project duration will be max. 36 months), up to a maximum budget of EUR 162,000 for all contracts together, provided that funds will be available in future budget years. For the first year the max. foreseen budget is EUR 60,000 (including all costs).

3. Delivery to:

Mr. Hans Vos
Kongens Nytorv 6
DK-1050 Copenhagen K

NUTS: DK000,DK001

4.a) Reserved for a particular profession:


4.c) Obligation to mention the names and qualification of personnel:


5. Division into lots:


6. Variants:


7. Time limits for completion or duration of the contract, for starting or providing the service:

12+ month(s).

8.a) Documents from:

European Environment Agency
Charlotta Colliander
Kongens Nytorv 6
DK-1050 Copenhagen K

Telephone 0045 33 36 72 02
Fax 0045 33 36 72 93

9.a) Deadline for receipt of tenders:

28.4.2003 52 days from dispatch of notice. (16:00)

9.b) Address:

European Environment Agency
Mr. Hans Vos
Kongens Nytorv 6
DK-1050 Copenhagen K

9.c) Language(s):

Spanish, Danish, German, Greek, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish.

10.a) Opening of tenders (persons admitted):

European Environment Agency's representatives and one representative of each tenderer. Please inform Mr. H. Vos by separate mail of your wish to attend the opening.

10.b) Date, time and place:

6.5.2003 ( 10:30). European Environment Agency, Kongens Nytorv 6, DK-1050 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

11. Deposits and guarantees:

12. Financing and payment:

  • Prices must be quoted in Euros;
  • Prices must be fixed amounts;
  • Estimated travel and subsistence expenses must be indicated separately in the break down of costs.

The consultant is expected to offer their services showing a budget for their activities, and stating daily rates according to the expertise offered and level of experience.

Submission of a tender implies acceptance of the terms specified in the Agency’s “General terms and conditions applicable to contracts” in all matters not governed by this invitation to tender and waiver your company’s own terms of business.

13. Legal form in case of group bidders:

14. Qualifications:

Legal status:

Proof of the legal status may be furnished by the following documents:

  • An identification sheet (name or business name, legal status, contact person, bank account, etc.).
  • Where applicable, references of inscription in the VAT-register;
  • Where applicable, references of inscription in the trade register.

Financial capacity:

Proof of economic and financial capacity may be furnished by one or more of the following documents:

- appropriate statements from banks or evidence of professional risk indemnity insurance;

- the presentation of balance sheets or extracts from balance sheets for at least the last two years for which accounts have been closed, where publication of the balance sheet is required under the company law of the country in which the economic operator is established.

Technical capacity:

Evidence of the technical and professional capacity may be furnished by the following documents:

a) the educational and professional qualifications of the service provider or contractor and/or those of the firm's managerial staff and, in particular, those of the person or persons responsible for providing the services or carrying out the works (indicate knowledge of and experience with information sources as well as a company profile showing good and proven knowledge of environmental policy and in particular of economic instruments at national level, in particular in the countries covered in this project);

b) a description of the technical equipment and tools to be employed by the firm for performing a service or works contract;(state the experience with existing MS-Access databases)

c) a description of the measures employed to ensure the quality of supplies and services;

d) A list of the principal services provided in the past three years with the sums, dates and recipients, public or private.

15. Tenders may lapse after:

9 month(s)

16. Award criteria:

The most economically advantageous tender as stated below.
Soundness of the methodological approach (15). Practicality and completeness of the work plan proposed (15). Availability of relevant networks in the indicated geographic area (30). Price (40).

17. Other information:

Type of procedure: Open procedure. Address from which further information can be obtained:

European Environment Agency
Att. Hans Vos
Kongens Nytorv 6
DK-1050 Copenhagen K

Telephone 0045 33 36 71 41
Fax 0045 33 36 72 93

The tender documents can be obtained from the European Environment Agency in 4 ways:

(1) by e-mailing a request to;
(2) by sending a fax request ((45) 33 36 72 93;
(3) by sending a request by letter to Mr. Hans Vos, EEA, Kongens Nytorv 6, DK-1050 Copenhagen K or
(4) by downloading all tender documents from the download section of this page.

The tender documents include all relevant information (e.g. how to submit tenders, description of the work, forms, etc.)

Grounds for exclusion:

The tenderer shall provide an auto-declaration, preferably made on oath before a judical or administrative authority, a notary or a competent professional or trade body by a person competent to do so on behalf of the tenderer, which states that none of the grounds for exclusion (please see General Terms and Conditions applicable to contracts, Art 2 (2)) applies to the tenderer.

18. Date of pre-information publication:

19. Notice postmarked:


20. Notice received:


21 Covered by the "GPA" agreement:



Annex I: Procedure for submitting an offer for Tender EEA/RNC/03/001

Annex II: Description of the work

Annex III: Identification sheet

Annex IV: DRAFT contract

Annex V: General terms and conditions

Annex VI: Reimbursement of travel expenses

Annex VII: Checklist for submitting an offer

Annexes I - VII

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