Area 1: Data and Information Technology

Page Last modified 03 Jul 2020
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Call for Expressions of Interest 2020 for experts to be appointed as members of the European Environment Agency Scientific Committee (EEA/SC/2020/1-7)

To assist the Agency with knowledge and scientific advice on the envisaged use of latest data and information technologies to support monitoring, assessments and reporting on EU environment and climate policies.

The advice is expected to embrace digitalisation, the potential of big data, artificial intelligence, Copernicus data and information services to improve information delivery for decision making. Relevant data for monitoring and assessment will become increasingly available from a variety of new sources and monitoring processes such as citizen science, sensor networks, industry, eDNA, Internet of Things, big data and open data.

The advice will address aspects from the full ‘data to knowledge cycle’ including observations, data management and treatment, analysis and communication. This will link to EEA’s work on data accessibility, data mining, statistics, spatial analysis, indicators, graphical representation, dissemination and communication to policy makers, scientists and the public via the web and social media.


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