Capture the essence of our cities and towns through inspiring moments that give us hope for a more sustainable tomorrow.

As photographers, you wield a powerful lens — one that can amplify hope, resilience and progress. Let’s depict our cities and towns not just as concrete grids but as living, breathing ecosystems. Let’s celebrate the positive strides and activities taken towards a more sustainable tomorrow — one where cities thrive alongside nature, and neighborhoods flourish as vibrant, eco-friendly havens.

Choose the category or categories that inspire you to capture these hopeful moments in your day to day lives. Don’t forget to be mindful of our Terms and Conditions before applying.

Photo competition categories

Wildlife in the city 1.jpg

Wildlife in the city

This category celebrates the harmonious co-living of humans and wildlife in our cities and towns. Our urban environments are not just concrete and asphalt, they are also habitats for thousands of important and interesting species. From familiar friends like squirrels and birds to shy recluses like bats and spiders, our cities host a diverse array of wildlife. This category focuses on highlighting this biodiversity and encourages us to observe and cherish these small inhabitants that share our urban spaces. Photos could include curious foxes exploring our backyard gardens, green/wildlife corridors, deers in green spaces of our cities or birdhouses.

Charming Neighbourhoods new.jpg

Charming neighbourhoods

This category celebrates the pride we feel when walking down our streets and witnessing the environment friendly elements embedded in everything that surrounds us. Our streets tell the story of past and present generations and are filled with positive and eco-friendly examples. Notice the solar-powered streetlights, community composting stations, pedestrian-friendly designs, native plant landscaping, local markets with seasonal products or children playing in urban parks. Show how we create an environment that celebrates both innovation and cultural heritage. Pictures may also include green buildings, vertical forests, or repurposing of old factories and industrial spaces.

Green at Heart.jpg

Green at heart

This category is about people and focuses on our everyday eco-conscious actions. Look at how our actions ripple through the community and have a long-lasting impact on our shared environment. How are you or your community choosing to make a difference? Whether it is rewilding our gardens, adopting renewable energy practices, planting trees, opting for a greener commute or embracing the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, small lifestyle changes contribute to a more liveable urban environment and cheerful community life. Show us the people behind the change.

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