The Global Resources Outlook is the flagship report of the International Resource Panel.

Aims and objectives

The Global Resources Outlook report came as a request from the UN Environment Assembly in a resolution to receive regular reporting on the state and impact of, and outlook for, resource use globally. The 2023 report, following up on the previous report in 2019, is being developed by a working group under the leadership of the EEA Executive Director together with authors from around the globe.

The report will cover an overview of trends in resource consumption broken down by region and country income groups. It will furthermore look at the impact of extraction and processing of raw materials. It will include projections on extraction and processing towards 2060 under different scenarios of climate and biodiversity policies, and will explore possible policy packages to deliver on a transition that puts us on track to meet the goals set in the 17 sustainable development goals agreed upon in 2015.

Background information


Small-scale funding agreement with UNEP

Funding source

EU is the main funder of the International Resource Panel



Total cost

450,000 USD

EEA budget

200,000 USD


Peder Jensen

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