The European Climate Risk Assessment (EUCRA) aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of current and future climate change impacts and risks related to the environment, economy and wider society in Europe.

Aims and objectives

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EUCRA seeks to complement the existing knowledge base on the assessment of climate-related hazards and risks in Europe and provide added value for policy-making.

The first EUCRA will support the identification of adaptation-related policy priorities in Europe and EU policy development in climate-sensitive sectors. It may also provide an EU-wide point of reference for conducting and updating national or subnational climate risk assessments.

The publication of the first EUCRA is scheduled for spring 2024. Due to an ambitious timeframe, the first EUCRA will be a fast-tracked and expert-driven assessment, primarily based on a review and synthesis of existing data and knowledge from various sources. The assessments will focus specifically on complex climate risks such as cross-border, cascading and compound risks and involve stakeholders from the European Commission throughout the assessment process. 

Background information

Grant Agreement ID


Funding source

Directorate-General for Climate Action (DG CLIMA)



Total cost

EUR 1.8 milion

EEA budget

EUR 1.8 milion


Blaz Kurnik

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