Mainstreaming GEOSS data sharing and management principles in support of Europe's environment.

Aims and objectives

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The main goal is to strengthen the use of in-situ data in support of EU environmental and climate policies, in line with GEO priorities and the European node EuroGEO. EuroGeo's specific objectives are to:

  • Coordinate, harvest synergies, and facilitate knowledge exchange across GEO, EuroGEO, and Copernicus’ in-situ data sharing and management activities;
  • Collate, analyse and store information on in-situ data quality requirements as expressed by EuroGEO selected applications, as well as GEO Flagships and Initiatives;
  • Develop standard processes to facilitate the discovery, reuse, management and curation of relevant in-situ data through a series of showcases in the field of climate adaptation;
  • Provide strategic and technical input to relevant GEO partners in view of reinforcing the impact of European contributions to GEO and, in particular, the EuroGEO initiative.

Background information


Service level agreement between the European Commission and the EEA on "Mainstreaming GEOSS data sharing and management principles in support of Europe's environment"

Funding source

Horizon 2020 (Work programme 2018-2020)



Total cost

EUR 1.5 milion

EEA budget

EUR 1.5 milion


Jose Miguel Rubio Iglesias

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