Publication of names of Selection Committee members

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In a spirit of transparency, and in order to align our working methods with current practice in certain Member States, the administration has decided to proceed with the publication of names of Selection Committee members.

All persons appointed are informed that their name will be made available to the public on the Agency external website solely for the purposes of the selection procedure for the post for which they have been appointed and that they have the right to rectify any personal data that is inaccurate at any time during and after the selection procedure.

You are reminded that the Selection Committee’s work and deliberations are confidential. It is forbidden for candidates to make direct or indirect contact with the Selection Committee, or for anyone to do so on their behalf. Candidates may only use the official procedures to make their views known to the Selection Committee or to avail themselves of their rights. These should be sent in writing to the Head of Administrative Services, marked for the attention of the Chairperson of the Selection Committee.

Post: EEA/AD/2022/8 - Expert - Environment and climate data flows (AD6)

Daniel Martin-Montalvo Alvarez

John Van Aardenne
Usue Donezar
Agnieszka Andrzejewska                                                                                                            

EEA Staff Committee Nominee:
Peter Christian Kjeld


Post: EEA/AD/2022/7 - Expert - Legal and Procurement / Financial Controlling and Accounting (AD6)

Olivier Cornu 

Alan Lloyd
Kamilla Henningsen                                                                                                             

EEA Staff Committee Nominee:
Usue Donezar


Post: EEA/AD/2022/6 - Expert - Networks coordination (AD6)

Milan Chrenko

Suzanne Dael
David Cartaxo                                                                                                             

EEA Staff Committee Nominee:
Trine Christiansen 


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