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In a spirit of transparency, the names of Selection Committee members are made available to the public.

If you have an enquiry concerning our selection procedures, please send this to recruitment.enquiries at

 Given the current COVID-19 circumstances, the EEA kindly advises all candidates that communication will only be sent out to candidates selected for an interview.

Types of contracts

Temporary agents    

Temporary agents (AD, AST and AST/SC) are foreseen to build the platform on which the operations of the Agency take place. 

Temporary agents are mainly recruited for:

  • Operational posts (technical experts in the operational units)
  • Management posts
  • Sensitive posts in administration e.g. human resources, legal, finance and communication

Temporary agents are typically offered a contract of four years, with an initial probation period of nine months. Contracts may be renewed.

Contract agents

The Agency’s contract agents are mainly recruited for:

  • Supportive functions (FG II and FG III) in administration and in operational units e.g. secretaries and assistants,
  • Operational and administrative functions (FG IV) on project basis e.g. experts and project leaders assigned to specific project.

Contract Agents are recruited on a contract not exceeding four years of duration, with an initial probation period of nine months. Contracts may be renewed only once, for a period not exceeding four years.

Seconded national expert (SNE)

Seconded National Experts are assisting the Agency in carrying out the duties assigned to them under the work programme or description of duties drawn up when they apply for the secondment. The cooperation is further to enhance and develop the relationship between national institutions throughout Member States of the European Union.

Seconded National Experts remain in the service of their employer throughout the period of secondment and continue to be paid by that employer.

Secondments are concluded for an initial period of one year and can be renewed up to a total of four years. In exceptional and duly justified cases, a secondment may be extended for a further maximum of two years, ie six years in total.

Seconded National Experts at the Agency are governed by the rules as laid down in Commission Decision C (­2008)­68­66 that apply by analogy.

Calls for expression of interest for Seconded National Experts are distributed to the Agency’s Management Board members that propose candidates to the Agency after which an evaluation procedure is carried out in order to identify the most suitable candidates for the vacant positions.

Scientific committee

The Scientific Committee advises the Management Board and the Executive Director.  It has three major tasks:

  • To deliver an opinion on the EEA multi-annual and annual work-programmes;
  • To give an opinion to the Executive Director for the purposes of recruitment of the Agency's scientific staff;
  • To provide advice and/or opinion on any scientific matter concerning the Agency's activity, which the management board or the Executive Director may submit to it.

Traineeship opportunities

The EEA may consider to offer traineeship opportunities, however, only applications received through the traineeship programme of the European Commission (so-called “Bluebook Traineeship”) operated and regulated by the Traineeship Office of the European Commission will be taken into consideration. Please refer to the following link for relevant information and further explanations, also in relation to application possibilities and process:

Unsolicited applications

We are unable to consider any unsolicited applications whether received by post or by e-mail for a job of any kind. 

Please refer to open, published vacancies where applications will be taken into consideration in accordance with the published application procedure.

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