Heading for your favourite beach? Is the bathing water clean? Europe has a great diversity of beautiful beaches and bathing areas, and each year millions of Europeans spend their weekends at their local beach or their holidays cooling down by the water. As this year's bathing season approaches, many citizens have a keen interest in the quality of bathing waters.

Quality of bathing water - 2023 bathing season

To allow Europeans to make informed decisions on where to go to best enjoy Europe’s inland and coastal bathing sites, an annual assessment briefing is published by the EEA. The briefing assesses the bathing water quality in all 27 EU Member States, as well as Albania and Switzerland in the 2023 bathing season and thereby gives an indication of the areas where the quality of bathing is expected to be good this year. 

Details on bathing water quality in EU Member States, Albania and Switzerland for the 2023 season can be found in the national bathing water reports:

Each report contains details on bathing water monitoring in the specific country and an assessment of the 2023 results and the trend in bathing water quality.