The key findings of the first European Climate Risk Assessment, published by the EEA, will be presented at this official inauguration event of the new Belgian Climate and Environment Risk Assessment Center (CERAC).

The EEA's recent European Climate Risk Assessment (EUCRA) provides a comprehensive assessment of current and future climate risks in Europe and identifies policy priorities related to climate change adaptation and policy development in climate-sensitive sectors during the next EU policy cycle, both at the European and national levels.

According to the report, Europe is threatened by major risks to its energy and food security, ecosystems, infrastructure, water resources, financial stability and human health. Many of these risks have already reached critical levels and could become catastrophic without urgent and decisive action.

In the context of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, CERAC, in partnership with the EEA, will host this event to present and discuss the key findings of the EUCRA and to officially inaugurate CERAC. The event will serve as a platform for high-level discussions, information dissemination and the exchange of ideas among stakeholders in the field of climate and environmental risk assessments.

EEA's role in the event

Leena Ylä-Mononen, EEA Executive Director, will present the key findings of the EUCRA and subsequently participate in a panel debate with senior government representatives to discuss how the EUCRA findings can be translated to the national level.

Going beyond this event, the EUCRA and other work carried out by the EEA will feed into to the risk analysis that will be carried out by CERAC and vice versa. The EEA therefore welcomes the establishment of CERAC, which will serve to further strengthen efforts in Belgium and at European level to better understand and address the urgent climate risks facing Europe.

To view the full agenda and register for the event, visit the CERAC event page. To join the conference online, please register separately here.