The Conference of Parties (COP), the United Nations annual summit on the climate crisis, will be held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, this year.

COP28 is going to be the setting where governments are going to take decisions based on the first global stocktake. The global stocktake is a process for countries and stakeholders to see where they’re collectively making progress towards meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement – and where they’re not.

The European Union is going to COP28 eager to raise ambition among the international partners. This year, the focus will be on global energy targets.

    The main agenda items of COP28 are expected to be:

    • the first global stocktake
    • the mitigation work programme
    • the global goal on adaptation
    • climate finance, including for Loss and Damage

EEA's role in the event

The EEA supports the European Commission in the UNFCCC climate negotiations during the upcoming COP28. Three EEA experts are members of the European Commission's negotiation taskforce and the EU Delegation. In this capacity, they offer their knowledge and expertise to the Commission and EU Member State delegates on various negotiation agenda items: climate adaptation, the Just Transition Work Programme, MRV and transparency, land use and mitigation.

Events with EEA participation

Keep cool in the heat! European action for good health and well-being on a warming planet

Climate change is the major health threat of the 21st century. Its most direct and noticeable impact is the rise in intensity and frequency of extreme heat events across the European Region and the world. As temperatures soar and life-threatening heat stress intensifies, the urgency to act increases. To ensure that all our communities can keep cool and remain habitable, we need rapid advances towards climate-neutrality, technological and organisational upgrades and better prevention, preparedness and response for extreme temperatures. This requires active coordination between all relevant policy fields and actors. This event is about the efforts undertaken in the European Region to ensure good health and well-being for everyone on a warming planet. This event will provide first-hand information from high-level European policy-makers to learn more about relevant practices and experiences, and to gain insights from experts in the field.

Organiser: DG Sante

Time & place: 3 December, 08:30-10:00, EU Pavilion, Expo City Dubai. Streamed live.

Just transition, just resilience

Organiser: The European Investment Bank

Time & place: 5 December, 11:30-13:00 AT, the EIB-Benelux Pavilion, Expo City Dubai.