Transparency and openness form the backbone of EEA's working practices. This section provides access to the main EEA procedures and policies, information on how EEA handles your personal data as well as access to various types of administrative documents.

Procedures and policies

The work of the EEA is based on well-defined and, agreed procedures and policies that the EEA follows diligently. These concern for example access to documents, copyright or data policy.

Personal data protection

The EEA is committed to respect your privacy and protection of your personal data, regardless of whether you are a job applicant, a subscriber of our newsletter or a user of our Enquiry service.

Register of documents

Are you looking for a EEA document? Our register of documents gives you access to various types of documents related to the Agency such as decisions by the Management Board and Bureau, their meeting agendas and conclusions, EEA annual activity reports and budget accounts.

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