EU exports of used textiles to other regions, 2000, 2010 and 2019, percent

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Throughout the past two decades, Africa has been the main receiving continent of used textiles from the EU. But by the end of the period, Asia had significantly increased its share and by 2019 was almost as big as Africa as can be seen from Figure 3 below. In 2000, Africa imported more than 60% of all EU exports, and Asia 26%. In 2019 the proportions had drastically changed to respectively 46% and 41%, meaning that the two continents were almost importing an equal share of the used textiles that the EU exported. Non-EU European countries have imported a small proportion of EU used textiles, around 10%, which has remained relatively constant over the years. North and South America, and Oceania imported 0-2% of EU exports, see Figure 3.

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