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Water abstraction by source, 2000-2019

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Water abstraction is from groundwater and surface water. Surface water contains water abstraction from rivers, reservoirs and lakes. The figure illustrates total annual water abstraction from groundwater and surface water by economic sector, i.e. agriculture, electricity cooling, manufacturing cooling, manufacturing, mining and quarrying, construction and public water supply, as defined in NACE (Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Communities) sections. Hydropower is excluded.

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Total annual water abstraction is presented as million m3 of water abstracted by all economic sectors from groundwater and surface water.  Chart on water abstraction by economic sectors can be found on here

Economic sectors in the scope of this indicator are defined in accordance with NACE as the followings: agriculture (including forestry and fishing), manufacturing, mining and quarrying, cooling for electricity production, cooling for manufacturing and public water supply.

Data sources

Waterbase - Water Quantity provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)
Annual freshwater abstraction by source and sector [env_wat_abs] provided by Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat)
Freshwater abstractions provided by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

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