Open calls for proposals — 16 Jul 2014
Below you can find our open calls for proposals. If nothing is displayed below we do not have any open calls for proposals.
Closed calls for proposals — 16 Jul 2014
Below you can find an overview of previous calls for poposals which are already closed.
Folder text/texmacs 2018 background documents — 03 Apr 2018
Folder Background documents for European Topic Centre Calls in 2021 — 13 Aug 2020
At the beginning of 2021, EEA plans to launch calls for proposals for the formation of new European Topic Centres (ETCs) to support the implementation of the EEA/Eionet trategy. It is foreseen that 7 ETCs will be set up as framework partnership agreements, lasting 4-5 years. Background documents as well as decisions from the preparatory phase are provided here to provide insight in advance of the calls into the design process and foreseen approach for the ETCs. These documents are intended to provide contextual informational and do not provide any guarantee in relation to the outcomes of the process. Documents which form part of the official call for proposals will be made available at the beginning of 2021.


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