Dashboard (Tableau)

Marine LitterWatch data viewer

Dashboard (Tableau)
Prod-ID: DAS-18-en
Published 01 Jun 2018
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The Marine LitterWatch (MLW) data viewer provides a map of beach litter data collection events organised by MLW communities. It also provides overview graphs and tables of both the data collected and community engagement.

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Data collected by the MLW communities is made available as soon as it enters the EEA database without any further manual quality control. The users submitting the data are responsible for its accuracy.

At present, the MLW data represents the effort made by the communities collecting it and is therefore illustrative of the amount and type of items found on the surveyed beaches. Additional handling is required for using this data for further statistical purposes.

The database used in the map and graphs of the MLW data viewer is dynamically updated every time communities submit data.

Marine Litterwatch data download

To bulk download Marine LitterWatch data please use the download service provided by EEA. You can filter the data by community (optional), date (yyyy-mm-dd) and geographical coordinates (optional).


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