Air pollution - Drivers and pressures (Finland)

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Air pollution - Drivers and Pressures
Published: 26 Nov 2010 Modified: 21 Mar 2015


Emissions are the main drivers affecting air pollution.


A more detailed description of the greenhouse gas emissions in Finland is under the theme ’Climate change mitigation’.


In general, energy and transport are the biggest sources of emissions of other pollutants than greenhouse gases (Air pollutant emissions in Finland by sectors in 2007). However, there is much variation between the different pollutants when it comes to the source sectors (Air pollutant emissions in Finland by sectors in 2007 – chart).


The total energy consumption is now about five-fold compared to the consumption in 1950. The increasing trend has been quite stable (Total energy consumption 1970 – 2008, Finland - State of environment 2008, p 6). In general, total energy consumption and electricity consumption correlate rather well but the changes in the GDP do not always directly reflect the consumption levels. The latest economic recession, however, caused a remarkable decrease in all three (Changes in GDP, Final energy consumption and electricity consumption 1995–2009).


Transport is also a driving force behind the emissions to air, thus affecting air pollution and air quality. The vehicle mileage has been increasing steadily (Finland State of environment 2008, p 12, Finnish Road Statistics 2009, p 14-16). The amount of emissions has, however, decreased in many cases. Carbon dioxide and another greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide N2O are exceptions in this respect. The CO2 emissions have been steadily increasing which is estimated to continue. The N2O  emissions have also been increasing but it is expected that the emissions will start to decrease around 2009-2010.


LIPASTO is a calculation system for traffic exhaust emissions and energy consumption in Finland (LIPASTO). The main page of LIPASTO gives access to the information also by transport mode.


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