Air pollution - Why care? (Norway)

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500-2000 die prematurely every year
Air pollution Air pollution
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Transboundary pollution from hazardous substances, acid rain and ground level ozone from the European continent still cause effects in Norway. One of these effectsis theacidification of water courses, which results in damage to fish and other aquatic species. At its worst, a third of Norway was affected by acidification.Transboundary pollution in the form of hazardous substances can be found in every lake in Norway, even those that are remote.

In Norway, between 500 and 2000 people die prematurely every year because of air pollution. Children and the old are most vulnerable. In the largest towns, current knowledge indicates that particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide pose the most serious risks to health, and result in a higher frequency of various types of respiratory problems. Particulate matter can also cause cardiovascular disease and death. Air pollution can also affect the health of animals and plants.



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