Knowledge base for Forward-Looking Information and Services (FLIS)

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Brochure No 1/2011
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Knowledge base for Forward-looking information and services (FLIS) is a platform to support long-term decision-making. The aim of FLIS is to introduce forward-looking components and perspectives into existing environmental information systems and to expand the knowledge base and its use.


General information on Knowledge base for forward-looking information and services (FLIS) is also available on the EnviroWindows portal.

FLIS currently has six components, but in the future, additional components may be added, as for example horizon scanning and early warning signalling. Here are the six components of FLIS, with examples of information generated so far:

Components of FLIS

Megatrends blue  Drivers and trends


Indicators green  Indicator


Scenarios brown  Scenarios


Tools red  Methods and tools


Networks yellow  Networking, capacity-building and governance


Forward lila  Use of forward-looking information


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