Environmental Risk Assessment

Approaches, Experiences and Information Sources

This webtext is a summary of the foreseen EEA publication on
"Environmental Risk Assessment - approaches, experiences and information sources" by Robyn Fairman , Carl D.Mead and W. Peter Williams
at Monitoring and Assessment Research Centre, King's College, London

Projectleader at the EEA: Ingvar Andersson

For full version of this document please refer to the PDFs below (divided by chapters)


Part I

Approaches and Experiences


(download pdf - 730KB)

Section I

Concepts, Principles and Uses (download pdf - 6.16MB)




Chapter 1 Introduction to risk assessment concepts


Chapter 2 The use of risk assessment in environmental management


Chapter 3 A typology of risk assessment and management methods


Chapter 4 Overview of risk assessment methods

Section II

Techniques and Methods (download pdf - 18.47MB)




Chapter 5 Health risk assessment


Chapter 6 Ecological risk assessment


Chapter 7 The application of environmental risk assessment in industry

Section III

Risk Management and New Directions (download pdf - 4.86MB)




Chapter 8 Evaluation of risk and risk management


Chapter 9 New Directions

Part II

Information Sources

Section 1

Organisations (download pdf - 3.63MB)




Category 1 European Union


Category 2 International


Category 3 National


Category 4 Government Departments and Agencies

Section 2

Databases (download pdf - 2.17MB)




Category 1 Chemical/Toxicological/Ecotoxicological


Category 2 Miscellaneous (Industrial/Biological etc..)


Category 3 On-line Service and CD-ROM Suppliers

Section 3

Software Models (download pdf - 2.24MB)




Category 1 Risk Assessment/Management


Category 2 Exposure Assessment/Transport/Fate


Category 3 Hazard Identification/Release Assessment


Category 4 Directories of Software Products

Section 4

Publications (download pdf - 7.90MB)




Part I: Books


Category 1 Integrated Risk Assessment/Management/Analysis /General Chemical


Category 2 Human Health/Toxicological


Category 3 Ecological/Ecotoxicological/Environment


Category 4 Biological/Food/Radiation/Biotechnology


Category 5 Industrial Application


Category 6 Contaminated Land/Waste


Part II: Journals


Category 1 Chemical/Toxicological/Health


Category 2 Ecotoxicological/Biological


Category 3 Industrial


Category 4 General Environmental


Part III: Bibliographic Databases

Section 5

Directories (download pdf - 1.26MB)




Category 1 Consultants and Companies


Category 2 Information

Section 6

World Wide Web Sites (download pdf - 1.69MB)




Category 1 Organisations


Category 2 Information/Networks


Category 3 General Environmental Links for Information

Section 7

European Legislation (download pdf - 495KB)






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