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The Agency referees The BET between European youth and Environment Commissioner Margot Wallström

Today in The Hague, participants in the European Youth Campaign, "The BET", have betted with Environment Commissioner Margot Wallström that they can save 8% of CO2 emissions in at least 88 schools in at least 8 different European countries in the coming 8 months. In total they must save at least 8.000.000 kilograms of CO2. The European Environment Agency has agreed to act as referee for the BET

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New report: Is the EU on target to meet its climate change commitments?

A new report from the European Environment Agency, European Community and Member States greenhouse gas emission trends 1990-1998, evaluates progress towards meeting commitments under the Climate Change Convention and Kyoto Protocol.

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Enlargement of the Agency a reality

The Final Acts of Membership of the European Environment Agency were signed in Brussels today (9 October 2000) by representatives of the candidate countries in Central- and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean area and by Commissioner Margot Wallström on behalf of the European Community.

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Enlargement of the Agency on course for 2001

On 10 July 2000 the second round of negotiations on enlargement of the Agency took place in the European Commission in Brussels. DG Environment led the process. All thirteen candidate countries attended the meeting, namely the ten PHARE accession countries, Malta, Cyprus and Turkey. The Executive Director represented the Agency.

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Environment and trade: Internet chat with Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy.

Environment and trade Events under the meeting of the World Trade Organisation in Seattle last year demonstrated clearly the need to integrate environmental and social concerns into the work of the WTO. The EEA would therefore like to bring your attention to the following Internet event. Under the title "Why the world of trade is changing for the better" the European Trade Commissioner, Pascal Lamy, invites you to participate in an Internet chat on 12 July between 6-8 pm.

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