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Biodiversity 2010 - Video News Release

From the Mediterranean Coast to the Artic Circle, Europe is blessed with a rich heritage of biodiversity, both in terms of wild and domestic species of plants and animals. But industrialisation, intensification of agriculture and urbanisation, leading to loss of habitats, are putting Europe's biodiversity under pressure and many species are declining in number and under threat of extinction.

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Corine land cover 2000

This video news release presents Corine land cover 2000 - a multipurpose land use dataset based on satellite imaging and data input from most of the European countries, many of them members of the European Environment Agency. CLC 2000 offers a data set that is consistent across Europe and allows users to see land cover and land use changes over the past decade.

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Climate Change - Impacts and responses

Drawing on data from the recent European Environment Agency report Impacts of Climate Change in Europe, and from other information sources this video news release outlines the likely future impacts of climate change if the current rate of increase of global greenhouse gas emissions continues unchecked, and considers strategies for the future.

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Pan-European air pollution treaty celebrated

Celebrations were held on 1 Dec 2004 in Geneva to mark the 25th anniversary of the convention on long-range transboundary air pollution (CLRTAP).

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Commission consults public on action plan to reduce air pollution

The European Commission is seeking input from the public on the measures to be included in a new comprehensive European action plan to reduce air pollution. This plan, which is due by mid-2005, will have a direct impact on people's lives. The Commission is therefore launching an internet consultation in order to reach the largest possible number of citizens. Starting today, the consultation will run until 31 January 2005 with results to be published by March 2005.

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