Living well within planetary limits - bridging the gap between science and policy

Prod-ID: INF-142-en
Published 22 Jun 2020 Last modified 22 Jun 2020
Planetary boundaries are adapted from Rockström et al. (2009). Many United Nations, regional and EU policies address the risks of transgressing these boundaries. Policies for addressing the 'novel entities' boundary, i.e. hazardous substances, pharmaceuticals, etc., in Europe, are illustrated to the right and set in the context of the 7th EAP, i.e. 'living well, within limits' (EEA, 2018a). BSAP, Baltic Sea Action Plan; WFD, Water Framework Directive; SDG, Sustainable Development Goal; REACH, Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restrictions of Chemicals (Regulation); WSSD, World Summit on Sustainable Development; MSFD, Marine Strategy Frameworkd Directive.


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