The European Environment Agency’s (EEA) Scientific Committee has elected new Chair and Vice-Chairs. Professor Claire Dupont from Ghent University, Belgium, will chair the body of independent scientists advising EEA’s work.

The EEA Scientific Committee has elected new chairpersons amongst its members. The role of the Committee is to support the EEA Management Board and the Executive Director by providing scientific advice and delivering professional opinion on scientific matters related to the Agency’s work.

The new Chair of the EEA Scientific Committee is Professor Claire Dupont, Department of Public Governance, Ghent University, Belgium. Professor Dupont has been a member of the Committee since 2016.

The two new Vice-Chairs are Professor Theodoros Zachariadis, Energy, Environment and Water Research Centre, The Cyprus Institute (EEA Scientific Committee member since 2016), and Professor Louis Meuleman, Visiting Professor Public Governance, Leuven University, Belgium (member since 2020).

The three outgoing chairpersons have all served the EEA Scientific Committee for eight years, from 2014 to 2022. Outgoing Chair, Professor Per Mickwitz, is Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research, Sustainability and Campus development, Lund University, Sweden. Outgoing Vice-Chairs are Professor Mikael Skou Andersen, Department of Environmental Science and Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University, Denmark; and Professor Malgorzata Grodzińska-Jurczak, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Jagiellonian University, Poland.

During the past eight years, all three helped steer EEA knowledge development in support to EU policies, including the European Green Deal and the EU Horizon Europe research programme. They brought many insights to the Scientific Committee’s efforts, most notably in the fields of EU policy analysis and evaluation, sustainability transitions and science communication.

The EEA would like to sincerely thank Per, Mikael and Malgorzata for their work and dedication in advising the Agency to deliver on its mandate to support EU policy ambitions through sound, independent information on environment and climate.

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