At this event organised by Friends of Europe, Leena Ylä-Mononen, EEA Executive Director, will present the key findings of a new EEA report: “Responding to climate change impacts on human health in Europe: focus on floods, droughts and water quality”, followed by a panel debate.

In Europe, the climate is changing quickly. Extreme weather events that have taken place over recent years offer an indication of what is to come under future warming conditions.

Climate change impacts the water cycle, causing flooding, water scarcity and drought. In addition, climate-related changes in water quality threaten human health. All of the above could become more severe and far-reaching in the future without greater adaptation measures.

More frequent and intensive flooding has cost lives and livelihoods across Europe, while at the same time, more than 50% of the continent has, in recent years, been affected by extreme drought conditions, which also breed a range of negative social, economic and human outcomes.

However, there are solutions that can be applied to reduce and prevent the serious health impacts resulting from these climate-related changes.

The report, produced by the EEA under the European Climate and Health Observatory initiative, aims to help policy-makers understand the ways in which floods, droughts and worsened water quality under a changing climate, impact human health and well-being.

We will also welcome senior representatives from the European Commission, and other key stakeholders, who will consider the policy responses to improve climate adaptation measures and enhance our climate resilience.

For additional information and registration, please see the Friends of Europe page here.