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Waste from road vehicles

Indicator Fact Sheet
Prod-ID: IND-231-en
  Also known as: TERM 011
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Assessment made on  01 Jan 2002

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DPSIR: Pressure


Indicator codes
  • TERM 011

Policy issue:  Prevent waste generation and reuse or recycle as much scrap material as possible


Key assessment

The number of scrapped cars is expected to grow significantly throughout Europe, as growing welfare will enable more and more people to own cars, or to replace older vehicles with more modern ones. The increase in the number of scrapped cars is modelled to be steeper for the ACs than for the EU, as their vehicle fleet is growing more rapidly and more old vehicles are being scrapped following better inspection and maintenance programmes, and environmental or safety concerns.

Insufficient information is currently available on the recycling performance of the different waste flows from scrapped cars within the EU or ACs. In the EU, the end-of-life vehicle directive (Directive 2000/53/EC ) aims to improve recovery, reuse and recycling of cars, so as to minimise the final disposal of the increasing number of scrapped cars. For used tyres � one of the waste flows � some data exist. From these it appears that the EU is on track to meet the objective to abolish the landfilling of waste tyres by 2006. However a few EU countries still have to find alternative outlets for more than two thirds of their waste tyres to meet the target.



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