Traffic noise: exposure and annoyance

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Assessment made on  01 Jan 2001

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Policy issue:  Reduce number of people exposed to and annoyed by traffic noise levels which endanger health and quality of life

Key messages

  • A large proportion of the EU population is exposed to traffic noise levels which can be annoying or harmful for health. No data exists on population exposure to noise for the ACs.


Key assessment

About 120 million people in the EU (more than 30 % of the total population) are exposed to road traffic noise levels above 55 Ldn dB. More than 50 million people are exposed to noise levels above 65 Ldn dB.

It is estimated that 10 % of the EU population are exposed to rail noise above 55 LAeq dB. The data on noise nuisance by aircraft are the most uncertain, but studies indicate that 10 % of the total EU population may be highly annoyed by air transport noise.

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