Indicator Specification

Energy and non-energy related greenhouse gas emissions

Indicator Specification
  Indicator codes: ENER 001
Published 28 Jul 2010 Last modified 19 Apr 2016
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Justification for indicator selection

There is robust evidence that global emissions of greenhouse gases are causing global temperatures to increase, resulting in climate change. Nearly 80 % of total greenhouse gas emissions in the EU-27 are caused by energy production (i.e. electricity and heat, refining), energy use by the industry, services and households, and transport. Therefore, while efforts to reduce or limit the effects of climate change are focused on limiting the emissions of all greenhouse gases, particular attention is being paid to reducing emissions arising from energy production and consumption.

Scientific references

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Policy context and targets

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Methodology for indicator calculation

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Further work

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Long term work

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General metadata

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Indicator code
ENER 001
Version id: 1
Primary theme: Energy Energy


DPSIR: Impact
Typology: Descriptive indicator (Type A - What is happening to the environment and to humans?)



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