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Progress in charge levels

Indicator Fact Sheet
Prod-ID: IND-115-en
  Also known as: TERM 022
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Assessment made on  01 Aug 2006

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DPSIR: Response


Indicator codes
  • TERM 022

Policy issue:  Recover the full costs of transport including externalities from users


Key assessment

For all transport modes, there is a gap between the marginal infrastructure and other external costs (MEC) and the variable charge levels. For HDV transport and rail freight transport, charges levied are generally less than MEC. For inland shipping, charges are virtually non-existent. There is currently insufficient data to assess the gap between noise, air emission and infrastructure charges and marginal costs for the air mode.

For road, precise trends could not be analysed due to the fact that reliable data on mileages is unavailable. It is therefore unclear whether increased toll revenues in countries are due to an increase in charges per kilometre or a general increase in vehicle mileage. It is clear however, that with new charging schemes being introduced, the average charge level is increasing.

Although an ECMT analysis confirmed that there are large differences between countries in net effective rates of transport charges in the EU-15, it found that differences in labour and capital taxation cancel out most of the variation (ECMT, 2003).



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