Passenger transport demand by mode and purpose

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Also known as: TERM 012
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Assessment made on  01 Oct 2003

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DPSIR: Driving force


Indicator codes
  • TERM 012

Policy issue:  Break the link between economic growth and passenger transport growth.


Key assessment

Transport demand in the 10 acceding (ACs) and candidate countries (CCs) cannot be assessed due to missing transport statistics for passenger car transport. Transport demand for bus/coach and rail transport seriously declined during the 1993-99 period, and the few statistics available on passenger car transport suggest that the demand for private car transport increased over the same period. The growth in road energy consumption, GDP and car ownership in the ten acceding countries underpins this expectation. Also air transport shows a high increase during the last decade (54 % between 1993 and 1999) and becomes more and more important in travelling.From the above, one can conclude that passenger transport patterns are changing quickly towards transport patterns in the European Union. Private car and air transport are growing and getting more and more important in passenger transport

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