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National transport and environment monitoring systems

Indicator Fact Sheet
Prod-ID: IND-240-en
  Also known as: TERM 037
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Assessment made on  01 Oct 2004

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  • TERM 037

Policy issue:  Monitor - by using indicators - the progress and effectiveness of national transport strategies


Key assessment

Following the Cardiff and Vienna Summits, some countries have started preparatory work to establish national indicator-based monitoring systems. Reporting on transport and the environment in EU Member States was reviewed in the TERM feasibility study (EEA, 1999), which examined:

  • the status of transport and environment indicators and the processes used by Member States to develop them;
  • the type of indicators developed and their links with TERM and other relevant indicators.

The findings supplemented by figures from other more recent sources are summarised in Table 1.

Most countries report transport and environment indicators under state-of-the-environment reports or reports on environmental/sustainability indicators. Only 6 countries have, as yet, set up an indicator-based monitoring system specifically for transport. In the Netherlands and Finland, at least, these reporting systems are directly linked to a transport-environmental strategy. The indicator reports therefore serve to monitor policy effectiveness.

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