National transport and environment monitoring systems

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Also known as: TERM 037
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Assessment made on  01 Jan 2002

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  • TERM 037

Policy issue:  Monitor - by using indicators - the progress and effectiveness of national transport strategies


Key assessment

Most ACs regularly collect statistics on several of the TERM indicators, but none reports on these in dedicated indicator reports. There also appear to be shortcomings in the transfer of up-todate national statistics to international organisations such as UNECE. This situation can also be observed in the EU, though it is less apparent as much of the exchange of statistics has been streamlined over recent decades. Further implementation of EU directives (particularly those concerning the exchange of statistics from national statistical offices to Eurostat) will greatly contribute to the development of multicountry data.

The situation in the EU is more developed, as most countries report on transport and environment indicators. Austria and Finland have set up reporting mechanisms along the lines of TERM.

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