Investments in transport infrastructure

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Also known as: TERM 019
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Assessment made on  01 Jan 2001

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  • TERM 019

Policy issue:  Investment priority for environmentally-friendly transport infrastructures


Key assessment

Decisions on transport infrastructure are still made mainly in response to problems of traffic bottlenecks. This reactive approach favours the extension of road and airport infrastructure.

Rail receives a larger share of total investment than its share of total demand, but this has not made rail flexible enough to meet new transport demands. The quality of railway, intermodal and combined services and operations needs to be improved. Most investment in the EU's trans-European transport network (TEN) is for motorways, although it was foreseen that 60 % would go to rail, mainly for the development of high-speed rail. There has been relatively high investment in urban rail, and more cycle tracks are being planned in some countries.

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