Discharge of oil from refineries and offshore installations

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  Also known as: WHS 010
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Assessment made on  01 May 2004

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DPSIR: Pressure


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  • WHS 010

Policy issue:  Are we reducing discharges from oil installations


Key assessment

Oil discharges from refineries and offshore installations have been decreasing since the 80s, despite an increase in the corresponding industrial activity. In 1990 offshore installations of Denmark, United Kingdom and The Netherlands discharged 15 500 tonnes of oil while they produced 102 MT. In 1999 those installations discharged less than 10 400 tonnes of oil while they produced 154 MT. Between 1990 and 1998 the total refinery output across EU increased by 15%, while discharges decreased by 70% (EC/EUROSTAT 2001). In 1997 the total amount of discharge from offshore installations increased, mainly due to an exceptional accidental spillage. It is likely that improvement of the reduction of discharge will continue in the future, because a new regulation on drill cuttings entered in force in 2000. Assessments of discharges into the Mediterranean and the Black Sea are lacking.


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