Capacity of transport infrastructure networks

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  Also known as: TERM 018
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Assessment made on  01 Jan 2001

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DPSIR: Driving force


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  • TERM 018

Policy issue:  Optimise the use of existing infrastructure capacity and revitalise rail and inland waterways


Key assessment

The primary road network included about 49 200 km of motorways and 287 600 km of state roads in 1998. The length of the motorway network increased by 3 % per year between 1980 and 1998;Greece and Spain have the highest growth rates (respectively 9.6 % and 8.4 % per year).

The length of conventional railway lines decreased by about 9 % (mainly due to the closing of unprofitable small lines). The high-speed rail infrastructure is gradually being extended in line with plans for the TEN: the length of high-speed track almost tripled between 1990 and 1999, to more than 2 700 km, and is expected to increase to 24 000 km (of new and upgraded existing lines) by 2010. The length of the navigable waterways decreased by 8%.


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