Biological quality of lakes

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Prod-ID: IND-256-en
Also known as: WEC 005
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Assessment made on  01 May 2004

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  • WEC 005

Policy issue:  Is good surface water ecological status being achieved?


Key assessment

Cyanobacteria are dominant in the phytoplankton community in many lakes, most conspicuously in Denmark where, until recently, many lakes have been polluted with phosphorus from sewage and industrial discharges. Norwegian lakes are less impacted by pollution, and the concentration of phytoplankton, in particular cyanobacteria, is lower. The French Lac Leman and Greek Lake Trihonida are dominated by taxa of phytoplankton other than cyanobacteria, contrary to the French reservoir Cheze / Jean Descottes with complete dominance by cyanobacteria during July and August. These 3 lakes cannot be considered representative for regions or countries.

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