Total energy intensity in the EU-25 between 1990-2003, 1990 = 100

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Some estimates have been necessary in order to compute the EU-25 GDP index in 1990



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For the Czech Republic (1990-1994), Hungary (1990), Poland (1990-1994), Malta (1991-1998) and for Germany (1990), Eurostat data was not available. GDP for the missing years were then estimated on the basis of annual growth rates (Ameco database), which were applied to the latest available GDP from Eurostat. For Estonia (1990-1992), Malta (1990) and Slovakia (1990-1991) neither data was available, and GDP in missing years was assumed to take the value of the nearest reported year. These assumptions do not distort the trend observed for the EU-25's GDP, since the latter three countries represent about 0.3-0.4 % of the EU-25's GDP.

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