Total and sectoral energy-related emissions of primary and secondary PM10 particulate matter emissions, EU-25 (weighted using particle formation factors)

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The graph above shows the emissions of primary PM10 particles (particulate matter with a diameter of 10µm or less, emitted directly into the atmosphere) and secondary particulate-forming pollutants (the fraction of sulphur dioxide, SO2, nitrogen oxides NOx and ammonia NH3 which, as a result of photo-chemical reactions in the atmosphere, transform into particulate matter with a diameter of 10µm or less)



Additional information

Emissions of the secondary particulate precursor species are weighted by a particle formation factor prior to aggregation: primary PM10 = 1, SO2 = 0.54, NOx = 0.88, and w(NH3) = 0.64 (de Leeuw, 2002). Particulate matter arising from NH3 is included in the totals under Non-Energy related emissions. Values of PM10 reported by Portugal appear to be reported using incorrect units, being 1000 times lower in magnitude than would be expected and so have been adjusted.

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