The estimated distribution of the daily airborne pollen concentration of ragweed in the entire ragweed pollen season in Hungary in 2011

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The colours on the map show the inferential distribution of the daily mean pollen concentration categories of the entire ragweed season by settlements (HAN). The level of warning resp. the 3 levels of alert are shown. The 'very high' concentration category, meaning 'worsening symptoms, in some cases with extremely high daily concentration producing serious symptoms' was very typical in the central, eastern and southern part of Hungary.


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In the 34th week (August 22-28), 2011 nearly the entire country was marked by dark claret colour (IV. level alert) in 2011 meaning that the average weekly ragweed pollen concentration was between 200 - 499 grains/m3/day. The V. level alert also appeared in the SW and NE part of the country (500-999 gr/m3/day), corresponding to remarkably high pollen load keeping in that ’very high’ pollen load (III. level) is considered already from 100 pollen gr/m3/day. The experience has shown that the III. level meaning „worsening symptoms with the note that in some cases the daily concentration can produce serious symptoms”. The related health content of the V. level is: “significant impairment of quality of life associated with acute symptoms”.


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