Spatial overlap between Natura 2000 and nationally designated sites in France (only terrestrial part) under all IUCN categories

Figure Created 16 Oct 2012 Published 22 Oct 2012 Last modified 29 Nov 2012
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The map reflects the spatial combination of sites designated under national instruments and Natura 2000 sites. In France Natura 2000 extends significantly beyond existing national designations, as shown by the extend of light green on the map. As compared to the map showing the overlap with only IUCN categories I to IV, its is obvious that, particularly in th South-eastern part of France, several Natura 2000 sites overlap with nationally designated sites under categories V and VI. There are also a large part of nationally designated sites under IUCN V and VI which are not designated as Natura 2000 as reflected by the blue dots on the map.



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