Soil polluting activities from localised sources as % total sites where (preliminary or main) site investigation has been completed

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(a) Liechtenstein: 'others' only refer to accidents; minor accidents are not included


European data


Additional information

(b) Belgium-Flanders: 'oil extraction and storage sites' also include 'oil spills sites' several activities can occur together on 1 site (c) Italy: Data refer only to Region Piemonte (d) Finland: service station, big fuel and heating oil storages included in 'oil extraction' (e) Lithuania: petrol stations included in 'oil extraction'; pesticide storages included in 'other hazardous substances spill sites' (f) Romania: 'others' also include accidents (g) Denmark: "Municipal waste disposals" also include "Industrial waste disposal" (h) Germany: 'Industrial activities' also include accidents and 'other'; 'Municipal waste disposal' also include 'Industrial waste disposal' (i) Spain: 'Municipal waste disposal' also include 'Industrial waste disposal' (j) Switzerland: 'Municipal waste disposal' also include 'Industrial waste disposal'; 'former military sites' also include active military sites and shooting ranges. (k) Czech Republic: remainder to 100 % - data not available yet (l) Bulgaria: 'others' are storages of forbidden (obsolete) pesticides For Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Spain and Romania the category 'Industrial activities' was used instead of the here used 'industrial and commercial sites'

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