Share of renewable electricity in gross electricity consumption (%) 1990-2006 and 2010 indicative targets

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The renewable electricity share in Norway is above 100% in some years because a part of the (renewable) electricity generated domestically is exported to other countries


European data


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The share of renewable electricity in Germany in 1990 refers to West Germany only. National indicative targets for the share of renewables electricity in 2010 are taken from Directive 2001/77/EC. Notes to their 2010 indicative targets are made by Italy, Luxemburg, Austria, Portugal, Finland and Sweden in the directive; Austria and Sweden note that reaching the target is dependent upon climatic factors affecting hydropower production, with Sweden considering 52% a more realistic figure if long-range models on hydrologic and climatic conditions were applied. No energy data for Liechtenstein available from Eurostat.


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