Share of livestock units for which EU Member States have planned CAP-supported interventions to limit the use of antimicrobials over the implementing period 2023-2027

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The figure shows the share of animals (expressed in livestock units, or LU) for which EU Member States have planned interventions supported under the common agricultural policy (CAP) and related to the prevention or reduction of antimicrobial use over the implementing period 2023-2027. The types of intervention that may be concerned include (a) sectoral types of intervention; (b) investments; (c) environmental, climate-related and other management commitments; and (d) schemes for the climate, the environment and animal health.

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The indicator is part of the CAP result indicators’ dashboard developed by the European Commission. The indicator was not planned by Denmark and the Netherlands. The result for Belgium is calculated by aggregating the values relating to the Flanders and Wallonia regions, which in the CAP result indicator dashboard are presented separately because these regions submitted two separate CAP Strategic Plans.


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