Share of combined heat and power in gross electricity production in 2005

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The share is defined as the proportion of CHP electricity production (from both private and public utilities) in total electricity production. However, it should be noted that not all electricity production from a CHP 'plant' may be considered as CHP production as the plant may consist of different types of units (such as heat only, or flexible units where the power-to-heat ratio may be adjusted). The method for data collection by Eurostat on CHP was revised in an earlier version of the factsheet to account for this (as it had previously tended to overestimate the share of electricity generation from CHP) and is described in more detail in the metadata section. Therefore the current share is not directly comparable to the 18 % target outlined in 1997 by the European Commission (COM (97) 514 final). Division in auto-producers and main activity producers is unknown for Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia and Sweden.


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