Share of biofuels in transport fuels (%)

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The Biofuels Directive aims at promoting the use of biofuels for transport to replace diesel or petrol


European data


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The primary objective is to increase the consumption of biofuels, as opposed to its production, which may or not be exported to other countries. The share of biofuels should reach 2% by 2005 and 5.75% by 2010. The denominator includes all EU-25 countries with consumption of diesel and gasoline. The numerator refers to the final energy consumption of biofuels in the transport sector. By 2002, only few EU countries had consumption of biofuels or were reporting consumption of biofuels to Eurostat. A progressively larger number of EU countries are expected to report biofuels consumption to Eurostat when data becomes available for 2003, year of entry into force of the Directive.



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