Representation of countries in the SEBI 2010 indicator set, January 2009

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How to read the graph: for 24 of the SEBI 2010 indicators, data are included for Poland, and for 15 indicators, data are included for Luxembourg

European data


Additional information

Data for indicator 14 are not yet available; this indicator was therefore not considered for this figure. Data used for SEBI 2010 indicators are collected through EU, pan-European or international processes. National datasets relevant for the SEBI 2010 set but not collected by EEA or by any other European processes are not taken into consideration here. Blue indicates EU Member States. Purple indicates non-coastal EU Member States (for whom only 23 indicators are relevant). Green indicates non-EU countries (for whom only 21 indicators are relevant because EU policies cannot be considered there). Yellow indicates non-EU and non-coastal countries (for whom only 18 indicators are relevant).


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