Relative pressure intensities (unit pressure per Euro of spending) of household consumption categories averaged across 9 EU countries, 2005

Figure Created 12 Jan 2011 Published 12 Jan 2011 Last modified 29 Nov 2012
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This figure compares the environmental pressure intensity of 12 different household consumption categories as defined by COICOP nomenclature i.e. the environmental pressure implications of spending one Euro on a given household consumption category compared to the average Euro spent by households. The pressures caused by household consumption categories include both direct and indirect pressures. Direct pressures are those released during consumption of goods and services i.e. emissions to air from cars and from burning fuels in households for heating, cooking etc. Indirect pressures caused by consumption comprise all pressures released along the production chains of consumed goods. Includes goods produced domestically and imported goods. 4 environmental pressure intensities are included – greenhouse gas emissions per Euro; acidification emissions per Euro; tropospheric ozone precursors per Euro and material consumption per Euro.

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